Hello, I am Cicely Amina Walker, I am in the third grade I go to West Maple Elementary school, I have a cat named Sox, I have two sisters named Zoe & Savannah and one brother his name is Amiri, I am 8 years old and I like to play tennis,draw, and hangout with my family :). I'm from Michigan. When I grow up i want to be a teacher or an art teacher. I like to travel around places and go to Lansing, I also have a lot of memories in Lansing . I can type really fast & I love my life. I love to eat pizza. When I move out of my moms house I'm going to live in Texas...Or maybe Florida I will go on lots of trips I might stay and work at my dads old job. Or be a financial advisor. I can only do cartwheels for gymnastics. One on my favorite songs are 679 I love the artist (song writer) Janelle Monae. I have 3 best friends Sofia Allred, Aniah Selley and Olivia Parkin.