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McDonald's Doesn't Have The Best Ingredients in their food.
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Okay really McDonald's you have to make people sick from your food?! I searched the ingredients in your fries and I found 1. Dextrose 2. Natural beef flavor 3. Vegetable oil 4. Hydrogenated soybean oil 5.salt 6.sodium acid phosphate. So what really threw me off was hearing dextrose. Because of dextrose it can lead to, sudden mood changes, sudden nervousness, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, sweating, shaking, unexplained fatigue and headache. I’m just confused why you even had the nerve to possibly think of using it. Sorry to hate on your chicken nuggets but they are not too good to serve, What I mean is it can’t keep happening where somewhere on the news everyone hears “McDonald's put pink slime and broccoli flavoring in their chicken once again” It needs to stop! So McDonald's we need you to fix your ingredients.u put in your foo


Aniah niko